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Kratom Sample Pack

Sumatra Sample Pack

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Can’t decide? Try our Sumatra Sample Pack

Our Sumatra sample packs are popular with both newcomers and long time kratom aficionados. This pack contains samples of each of our kratom strains, so you can try them all and see which works best for your condition.

Sumatra Sample pack’s are also popular with kratom users that want to rotate between strains. Changing which strain you consume each time leads to stronger effects, slower tolerance buildup and less risk of addiction. This is because each strain has a unique alkaloid profile, with different alkaloids binding with different receptor cells. By alternating exposure to certain kratom alkaloids, we can keep receptors from being overactive.

Mix the Perfect Blend for Your Condition

Many kratom users also like to create their own blends using the samples from this pack. You can get some interesting effects by blending strains of different types, or better balance the energizing and sedating effects.

Your sample pack will contain 5 different Sumatran kratom powders:

  • Sumatra Maeng Da (Sumatra horned leaf)
  • Sumatra Red Kratom (red vein)
  • Sumatra Green Kratom (green vein)
  • Sumatra White Kratom (white vein)
  • Sumatra Yellow Kratom (yellow vein) (NEW)

Try them all and find your favorite!

Buy our Sumatra Sample Pack with Absolute Confidence

We treat kratom with the care and respect that any medicine demands. Many vendors can be careless when harvesting kratom plants and contaminants are easily introduced.

Once our plants are harvested, they are immediately dried in humidity controlled drying shelters. Then, the low quality parts of the plant like the stem and vein are removed, ensuring maximum potency. Finally our kratom is milled into a fine aromatic powder.

Using this foolproof method, we’ve been able to produce kratom that is 5-6 times stronger than the average kratom on the market.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our Kratom Products

We’ve been growing and maintaining our personal kratom plantations since 2001. In that time, we’ve mastered the art of producing high potency high quality kratom powder. In fact, we’re so confident that our product is more effective than any other on the market, that we offer a full money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

Order today to experience the difference for yourself

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5x 25g (Net 125g)

2 reviews for Sumatra Sample Pack

  1. kristian

    This sample pack is excellent value for money. Im surprised there are no reviews left on it yet. Maybe people are put off by the great value of it price wise? Don’t be that person. In my experience these are all great quality and all definitely work well. Even the red and whites which I dont normally get too much out of, I prefer green veins. The yellow Sumatra is especially good to mix in with any of the others for instant warmth and pain relief. I have used this sample pack many times to deal with WD’s, from you know what. And the 125g is enough to do your rattle on. Diminishing pretty much all symptoms, especially as I say with the yellow vein added in with the others for instant warmth and contentment.
    I hope Franz is gonna offer me some kind of reward for giving all these great reviews today. (Joking, but maybe a idea). Anyways much love and respect for Franz and all the KUK team, for doing an excellent job in helping us with our many maladies (when the useless UK doctors wont). And much love and peace to all my brothers and sisters out there caught up in the babylon system.

  2. William S (verified owner)

    I find this sample pack to be of lower quality then past batches I have ordered from this site. Granted, this may be because I have just returned to the uk from the USA where kratom is more accessible and likely generally better, and so this sample pack only seemed worse by comparison. For what it’s worth it comes at a good price, but I would definitely go for one of the two other sample packs next time

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