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Sumatra Yellow Kratom

Sumatra Yellow Kratom

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Sumatra Yellow Kratom is one of the rarest types of kratom strains. What makes it even more unique is it is harvested from the beautiful Island of Sumatra. All of our Sumatra kratom is harvested from the lush fertile jungles around the region of Banda Aceh. While yellow veined kratom is not as popular as other kratom strains, we believe this is going to be a welcomed addition to our kratom line up.

Sumatra Yellow Kratom users love the slow effects of this strain reporting tranquility then it gradually gets stronger and stronger. Some of the most wanted effects are the feelings of being worry free, making this strain ideal for anxiety and depression. If you find yourself to have an over active mind worrying about different things then you may want to give this yellow vein a try.

When using Sumatran yellow in higher doses many users experience total comfort. Feelings experienced is total relaxation when closing your eyes and being at peace with the world. This yellow vein could be your ideal kratom strain helping with stress as well as anxiety and depression.

From our experience with yellow Sumatra it’s a slow experience to begin with. For most of you that try this strain the effects are likely to be similar. However, as everyone is different you may react differently from the majority of users. We highly recommend you give this new strain a try, which we’ve aptly named our mellow yellow.

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25g sample, 250g, 500g, 1kg

7 reviews for Sumatra Yellow Kratom

  1. RDD

    I like it, if you love green and White, you probably want this one to.
    Try test sample.

  2. ALEC O

    I brought a sample pack of this just to try and it’s pretty good. It’s good for general anxiety and lifts your mood.

  3. tomomara2 (verified owner)

    Have to take on an empty stomach because I find it less effective than the other strains. Decent buzz though.

  4. kitag85 (verified owner)

    Very nice mellow tea. would recommend and will make its way to my fave list

  5. Anthony Haslam (verified owner)

    Used another vendor for years, but they have increased their prices so much I decided to look for someone else.

    Only had one order so far, but the delivery is amazing. I ordered Saturday and was shocked when it was delivered on Sunday. It was well packaged, and the tea quality is brilliant. Yellow is my favourite, and so glad I could find a great stockist.

  6. MrG Mountain (verified owner)

    Ok,nowt special.strong taste but mediocre effect.

  7. smithy.ss6074 (verified owner)

    Strong tasting,but v mellow. I take this if I’m suffering insomnia,more often than not I’ll eventually nod off, but if I don’t im completely unstressed. I think this feels more like a red with some green.

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