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Red Indo Maeng Da

Red Indo Maeng Da

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Red Indo Maeng Da a new strain for maximum pain relief and maximum energy? 

Do you wish there was a kratom strain that offered maximum pain relief without leaving you feeling overly relaxed? A strain that could soothe even the most severe pain, but also provide an energy boost to help you get through the day? 

Well you’re in luck, because our new Red Indo Maeng Da strain has been grown for exactly this purpose. For those who suffer debilitating pain, we wanted to offer a kratom strain that could alleviate pain without the drowsiness that other brands can induce. Imagine being able to go about your daily life pain free, without any of the sleepiness associated with other painkillers. 

Not only will you not feel drowsy, most users of Red Indo Maeng Da report experiencing heightened energy levels and enthusiasm for work. This strain can help your productivity no matter how severe your symptoms are. 

The secret of this strain’s power is that horned kratom (also known as Maeng Da) has a higher alkaloid content than regular kratom. This means a stronger effect from less plant material. Although red kratom strains are typically more relaxing, the unique conditions of Indonesian Maeng Da have lead to an energising strain with all of the pain alleviation potency of a red vein! 

Easy to swallow 

We’ve made this new strain easier to swallow than ever. Now not only can you reduce the size of your doses because of the extra potency of Maeng Da, but we’ve personally powdered this strain into an extra fine grain, making it perfect for those that typically find taking kratom difficult. You won’t find an easier to swallow kratom brand on the market. 

Tired of chronic fatigue? Suffering from persistent pain? Depressed, stressed or anxious? Red Indonesian Maeng Da has helped hundreds of customers like you to alleviate all these problems and more. Order today to see what a difference it can make to your life. 

Our promise 

All of our kratom powder is delicately milled into a fine aromatic blend, using only the leaf, which contains the highest concentration of alkaloids. It is easy to swallow when mixed with juice or yogurt, or it can be brewed into a tea. 

We manage all of our kratom plantations ourselves to ensure that kratom is correctly identified and safely prepared. Each batch is HPLC tested for kratom alkaloid content. 

Try Red Indonesian Maeng Da – A new strain grown for both pain relief and energy 

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11 reviews for Red Indo Maeng Da

  1. roolist505 (verified owner)

    Thankyou Franz. 

       Hugely appreciate this site!     Quit drinking 18 months ago, and found my CNS in total disrepair, the Red Indo i bought a few weeks ago has been, ( along with L-theanine) the only thing to balance me and bring back the simple enjoyment of eveyday life . Treated with the respect it most certainly deserves, Kratom is full of peace, purpose, positivity and magic.
    Thankyou so much Franz and all at!! Love from sleepy Suffolk 💫

  2. ALEC O

    Another great product. Compared to Bali kratom, this one just feels ‘stronger’ (perhaps too strong for me), providing a lot more physical energy yet still very pain relieving. For me, this one is great for a workout. Thank you KratomUK

  3. billyjogerman

    Me and my partner have been part of the KUK family for year’s now. I suffer from MS and anxiety disorder. My partner has BPD. We both was prescribed a cocktail of medications but nothing worked as most of the time the side effects created new problems than if we didn’t take any at all.

    I also was addicted to opioids from 2007-2014 when all of a sudden my GP decided that I was to come off them. This is when I found kratom.

    It saved my life without it the withdrawal from opioids would of killed me.

    I have found that the red indo works best for pain and anxiety. This is my favourite by far.
    It can make you feel sleepy.

    If you are suffering from opuoid addiction or in pain then red indo is the best but if you are looking for something with more energy then I would try a green or white.

    Like everything in life use responsibly and finding a dose that works and stick to it. It can take up to 1hr to start working especially if you have had a large meal beforehand. Don’t take more if you don’t feel anything just wait. Taking to much can make you feel nauseous.

    You can make kratom tea, you can mix with something like orange juice (to help with the bitterness) or you can male some capsules. We prefer the capsules. We use machine that makes 100 at a time using 00 empty capsules.

    If you have any questions no matter how small just ask KUK they are happy to help.

    KUK will treat you like family. This is more than a business to them is a way of life. They believe in the product and that it works.

    If it wasn’t for kratom and Kuk I would be on highly addictive medication with nasty side effects.

    Welcome to the KUK family.
    Thank you kuk for everything.

  4. Daniel W

    Super clean and fine. Exceptional kratom. First time ordering from KUK and the delivery was super fast next day! I normally order from another company in Europe but I will now only order from KUK. I haven’t tried yellow kratom so that will be my next purchase. Thank you for the service.

  5. cmn (verified owner)

    Stating first that KUK are the best company for this product that I’ve come across, this Red Maeng Da is just wonderful. I’ve been using Kratom for a very long time, and this has to be up there with the best strains that I’ve ever experienced. It’s like turning a light on to normality for me, allowing me to function the same as I see others functioning. Both energised and relaxed, clear headed, and positive. As someone who’s been prescribed drugs by my doctor in the past, none of them came close to what this kratom does for me, how can one teaspoon of leaves from a tree be better than months of prescribed chemicals? I find it unbelievable really. Maybe one day the scientific world will discover the merits of kratom, either for pain, anxiety, depression, or maybe even weight control (it stopped my hay-fever too btw). Who knows. Maybe it’s better that it remains our secret. 🌿

  6. NathanM

    My favourite of the Red Veins (though I have yet to try the new Jeruk). I tend to alternate between this Red Indo, and the FS Bali – both are excellent, and it’s hard to pick an absolute favourite, but this just edges the FS.

    This provides excellent pain relief, and helps my stomach and digestion as well – so most days I mix it with White Sunda in the morning, and have a small amount of this in the afternoon. In smaller quantities, it provides energy, whilst also helping with stress/anxiety – and a must have for stressful days.

    In larger doses, it can tackle much worse pain (a godsend when the back has blown out, or something has been pulled). Personally I avoid taking it within a couple of hours of bed, as it is somewhat stimulation (that can be helped by mixing with Cambodian Green though). Highly recommend!

  7. gunfleet (verified owner)

    Apart from the well documented benefits of Kratom, since I starting taking a heaped teaspoon a day I have found my long standing acid reflux problem has vanished, I have stopped my daily dose of Omeprazole now for more than 3 months and the acid reflux has not returned. I had suffered with this for over a decade prior to taking Kratom, this is for both strains I have tried, this one Red Indo Maeng Da and Bali Red.

  8. ipont100500 (verified owner)

    I love this one so much!! It gives me energy and confidence and it’s very strong. I don’t think it makes you sleepy at all at least for me. It has good painkilling properties and euphoria.

  9. reldar (verified owner)

    I have several injuries, depression, anxiety because of former and struggle to find a reason.
    After many years on strong painkillers, antidepressants and counselling I read about Kratom on the Internet.
    In short: After trying a few strains, I settled on Red Indo Meang Da.
    It’s similar in many ways to Tramadol. Painkilling is excellent!
    That is not all! I don’t need antidepressants anymore, it does the same, possibly even more as its natural and side effects are zero. My anxiety is gone, my confidence is high and my smile is huge.
    Unless I talk face to face and one knowing my background, you wouldn’t understand how I feel.
    There’s is only one problem with RIMD. It can make you very horny and orgasms are unbelievable. The dose depends on the person and everyone is different. I would recommend a levelled 2.5mm spoon every 4 hours. Again it depends on the individual.
    Taking too much kills the effectiveness.
    Using other drugs and depleting serotonin levels affects effectiveness.
    I’ve heard about people spreading its addictive. Anything substance that uses serotonin will be addictive, full stop!
    Kratom is the most kindest. A sweaty, restless night and it’s over. Unlike Tramadol that gets into every fibre of the body, gives a massive come down, can’t function for two weeks and takes a month to get on track.
    There is another bad thing about RIMD. If you like writing poems, songs or stories, then I find a glass of wine and a 2.5 spoon starts my creative mind working. Sometimes I write non stop, but I hate writing!
    Always research information for education on everything you do, it makes sense!

    Never expect!

  10. cardiacstimsmith (verified owner)

    Opiate addict and alcoholic for over 30 years, kratom is the only thing that worked for me. After using it for years the amazing thing to me is that it has not dulled my capability to have enthusiasm or love life. In fact it has enhanced those things so I now have comfort in living. This review is not easy as I have always used strong sedating strains from Holland so little for comparison. First time I have used KUK buying the Red Indo Maeng Da on suggestion from Franz without reading the description. When received I took my usual dose and got the wobbles, so then read the description. It is as described, very stimulating also pain killing with euphoria and in my opinion strong, this has led to me cutting down on my Kratom dose. I am well happy with KUK, they even answer emails 🙂 and although I was using a good company I will be buying the Maeng Da again aswell as trying some other strains. KUK for me is quicker delivery time, more local and the quality so far is spot on. I used to be a burden on society, Kratom has changed my life and enabled me to help others, so thank you Franz and all at KUK, for me you are making the world a better place. Graham 🙂

  11. amaj2 (verified owner)

    Have used this strain for coming up to 2 years. Firstly I won’t order from anywhere else, no reason to, top notch kratom and superfast delivery. 10/10. Secondly, I use kratom for pain control. It’s taken me a very long time to work out which strain and at what quantity leaves me pain free. But I’m there finally. My pain DISAPPEARS…..completely. and I only need a very low dose. I’ve tried stopping kratom and the pain returns. So it absolutely does what it says on the tin. Can’t thank this site enough.

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