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Bali Kratom – Red Vein

NEW PRODUCT: Bali Red Crushed Leaf – Best used to make a tea or powder at home!

Bali Kratom is easily our most popular strain of kratom. Bali kratom is a red vein that originates from the island of Indonesia.

Red vein kratom is well known for its pain killing and relaxing properties. Red Bali is no exception – in fact, it’s a model example. Red Bali is able to soothe and destress like no other kratom strain. It is also able to quell even very severe pain, whether that pain is caused by injury or illness.

30-45 minutes after consuming Red Bali kratom, you’ll begin to feel waves of sensation. Gradually, any pain in your body will diminish. You’ll begin to loosen up and stress will start to fall away by itself. If you’ve taken a low dose, you might start to feel more productive or more sociable. At higher doses, you’ll feel maximum relaxation and a mild euphoria.

What is Red Bali Best Used For?

Red Bali kratom is popular with people who have tried using alcohol to unwind in the past, but found that the side effects were causing them problems. Kratom is unique in that when used properly, there is no bodily damage and no hangover.

Bali kratom is also popular with people who live with chronic pain. The high levels of kratom alkaloids in the leaf generate effective pain relief over the entire body. Once you’re free of the weight of your pain, you’ll find you have the energy to do much more with your time.

What Conditions can I Treat using Bali Kratom?

If you’re struggling with conditions like insomnia, stress, muscle or bone pain, opiate addiction, stomach ulcers or ulcerative colitis, or any form of chronic pain, you should give Red Bali  serious consideration. Many users have found it effective enough to replace their normal medication.

Our kratom powder is delicately milled into a fine aromatic blend, using only the leaf, which contains the highest concentration of alkaloids. It is easy to swallow when mixed with juice or yogurt, or it can be brewed into a tea.

We manage all of our kratom plantations ourselves to ensure that kratom is correctly indentified and safely prepared. Each batch is HPLC tested for kratom alkaloid content.

Try Red Vein Bali Kratom – It’s Popular Because it Works

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53 reviews for Bali Kratom

  1. Zachary H (verified owner)

    The king of kings. I hope this one stays on sale forever!

  2. nicksmith1000.ns (verified owner)

    Bought 25g in the sale, only £4.99! ordered 2.30pm and delivered 1.00pm next day, awesome.
    Really nice strain, not too sedative but very relaxing, felt focussed more energy and uplifted mood. My anxiety practically disappeared and racing thoughts stopped. I had more than a pleasant afternoon and evening.

  3. ALEC O

    It took me a while to try the Bali kratom, and I’m glad I did! I generally prefer white Maeng da due to its improved attention and lucidity, but this one is perfect for other reasons: it’s soothing, very pain relieving, great as a replacement for alcohol, and it’s balanced. Great for evening use. Great for beginners.

  4. petesalty (verified owner)

    This strain is simply outstanding in its sedating/relaxing effects, has a distinct aroma from other strains, even other red varities. Ive tried many different strains from different vendors over the past 8 years and this is one of the very best!!! Highly recommended!!!

  5. TripTwo (verified owner)

    First time trying Kratom. Just took 5g of the Bali strain. Very nice effects, I really wasn’t expecting much. Look forward to trying a higher dose.
    Many Thanks.

  6. knibbzy (verified owner)

    Really good strain.

    I’ve tried most, and have found Malay Maeng Da to hit all of the right buttons in terms of what I want/use Kratom for.

    Red Bali, however, is up there and definitely will be a go to, along with Maeng Da.

    It’s relaxing, yet energising at the same time, eases any anxiety away, and gives me drive. I usually take a dose of around 2.5 grams a time (3-4 times a day) and that is my sweet spot with Red Bali too.

    All in all, a great kratom.

    Service from KUK is ALWAYS spot on. Delivery is quick, any issues are sorted and you’re kept in the loop. 10/10

  7. gracieharper25 (verified owner)

    Very good for me pain, I have tried several Kratom strains for different reasons, I couldn’t be without this one. I have chronic back pain and I am no longer on any pharmacy product, so this is a life saver.

  8. Team420 (verified owner)

    Not for me, gone through 250g in a week. Seems weak too me personally.

  9. Gavin B (verified owner)

    Can never go wrong with Red Bali, pain killer with relaxing energy. Great to unwind with, esp with red grapefruit (potentiator blocks an enzyme so you have mitragine in your blood for longer).

    • Franz K

      I would love to hear more about your experiences Gavin. The logic is that grapefruit is a CYP3A4 inhibitor, i.e. it slows down the enzyme that metabolises Mitragynine > 7-HydroxyMitragynine. This would presumably leave Mitragynine in the brain longer, reduce the levels of 7 HydroxyMitragynine produced, and leave a higher ratio of Mitragynine’s other metabolites. I had been interested in this combination because I thought the longer duration would be convenient, and Mitragynine’s pharmacology is more useful to ADHD than 7 HydroxyMitragynine.

  10. amaj2 (verified owner)

    Have used this strain for coming up to 2 years. Firstly I won’t order from anywhere else, no reason to, top notch kratom and superfast delivery. 10/10. Secondly, I use kratom for pain control. It’s taken me a very long time to work out which strain and at what quantity leaves me pain free. But I’m there finally. My pain DISAPPEARS…..completely. and I only need a very low dose. I’ve tried stopping kratom and the pain returns. So it absolutely does what it says on the tin. Can’t thank this site enough.

  11. ppnjwilliams10 (verified owner)

    I have tried every strain imaginable, but this one beats them all. I suffer terribly with insomnia and have done since childhood. I take 6 grams one hour before bed and the results are remarkable, 5-6 hours of deep, unbroken sleep, consistently for 10 days now. No more zombie like mornings for me, after taking sleeping tablets, I now awaken fresh and happy, ready for the day to come- it really is the best I have ever bought for inducing good quality sleep.

  12. Richard B (verified owner)

    Really good stuff for the price right now can’t be beat I like to mix some jeruk up with it personally

  13. Louis B (verified owner)

    Very nice mellow and relaxing red. Not quite as potent as the Bali Gold but this Bali red is still up there in terms of quality. Lovely calming effects 🙂

  14. icu12much (verified owner)

    I’ve tried most Reds (and Maeng Das) and combine them with the Yellow (for great stress relief). I have a capsule maker and put them into capsules so that I can keep track of my consumption levels.
    The Red Bali is what I used to take in the evening as very much a secondary red to the ever reliable Sumatran Red. Recently, the Bali has switched to being in use half the time at least (rather than a quarter of the time like it was before). The reason for this switch has been due to the fact that I rarely sleep more than an hour a day without it, but recently I’ve found the recuprative health benefits of getting a lot more sleep. Sometimes that can make all the difference, so medically I think this strain has got to be one of the most effective due to the fact that it counteracts so well the degenerative effects of not getting enough sleep on human health. Great stuff 🙂

  15. prangnell (verified owner)

    Excellent quality bali kratom. Use it for fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain; it is very effective indeed.

  16. ppnjwilliams10 (verified owner)

    Second purchase of this – the best Kratom I have ever tried in eight years – taste is not as unpleasant as the greens and for sleeping this is the true king of all kratom- wonderful warm feeling then deep and restful sleep just drifts over. Please keep this on sale forever!

  17. Stuart K (verified owner)

    It’s a bit too strong for me personally.

  18. LG (verified owner)

    I find this strain to be rather relaxing ! I’m able to put all my worries aside and get on with the day. It’s really good for pain relief to. So far it seems that I get on with red strains the most. But I’ve not tried many strains so I’m going to carry on my research and have a try of some others. I normally can’t think straight because I have racing thoughts but this red helps my mind clear itself. I feel content. I even like the taste of this one in a hot chocolete. It’s earthly but not as bitter as some I’ve had before. Super stuff and beautiful products. 👍🏻

  19. ppnjwilliams10 (verified owner)

    Just got another order delivered very next day and usually, after a couple of months, the tolerance build and I have to switch strains or mix with others to obtain any decent results , this stuff is truly awesome. My insomnia and GAD have now calmed to the point where I can almost guarantee 6-7 hours of quality restful sleep and my daily dosage has actually reduced, with no lessening of the effects. A wonderful product that kepps on keeping on, thanks Franz and the KUK team.

  20. Sarah J (verified owner)

    I find this very strange tasting, it’s very pen ink kind of taste, but it’s worth it, I have this in the day time, it’s very good for general pain, muscle, foot, tendon. I don’t get a euphoric reaction, All I know if the pain is much less and I can continue to work. If I’m struggling with spasms I would use some green with the red and this works really well.

  21. Emma T (verified owner)

    First time I’ve tried or bought kratom ever. It was delivered with lightning speed, and I got a very prompt and helpful response to a question I asked. As a first-timer all I can say is that it did the trick, good mood-enhancer and energizer. Top marks.

  22. kristian (verified owner)

    I can tell a good quality Kratom the second I open the package. Good quality fresh high alkoloid powder.
    It has a strong distinctive scent,
    It has a strong kratom taste,
    It looks very dark in colour, and weighs heavier than its bulk looks.
    Right now this strain is hitting all these indicators, and I am finding it super effective. Especially for sleep.
    Someone mentioned potentiators, grapefruit will stop a enzyme in your liver breaking down many things you put inside your body. For me I find the plant Kanna to work really well with Kratom. The two have excellent synergy working together to make for a much fuller more effective kratom effect.

  23. FRANCIS O (verified owner)

    Just perfect, it reminds me a lot of green malay!, its also the only red that agrees with me, removes my anxiety and depression within an hour of using, its just gods gift to us all and the price is just amazing 4.99! and even cheaper when you order more, i always get the samples, about 3 or 4 as i can’t usually afford the higher in one go, i would love for you to sell them in 50g packs that would be amazing for people like me.. Thank you for all you do and practically saving my life, i am a forever customer and its always a pleasure, i have ordered around 30 times or so, and all delivers happened the next day, and DPD work perfectly together, merry christmas and a happy new year to you all <3

  24. Ben C (verified owner)

    my new favourite strain. kratom has changed my life. increased mood energy libido sociability motivation and feelings of love. decreased fear anxiety depression addictions mental and emotional pain / suffering. thank you all who make this possible

  25. lukemck999 (verified owner)

    No effect from this one unfortunately went through 25g with no discernible effect, possibly a weak batch? Other people seem to have enjoyed this strain though so it’s possible that I don’t respond well to it. Thanks for the quick delivery anyway

  26. George P (verified owner)

    This one attracted me, as I have heard red veins are good for anxiety, sleep and pain relief. I took roughly 2 and a half teaspoons, which roughly is around 2gs per tsp. I got a great sleep and is good for pain as have bad back. It’s weird because one time I took 4 tsps of red maeng and was very stimulated.

  27. George P (verified owner)

    Becoming my favourite blend helps my anxiety and helps me sleep love the cosyvwsrm feeling of nodding off and getting a good night’s rest definitely one of my faves, thank you

  28. Stuart C (verified owner)

    The rating does not reflect the quality. It is spot on. Having tried the sample pack I decided to give this strain a bash on its own as I loved the feeling of euphoric chill in the evening. The one disappointment is that my other half , who also tried the sample pack, was very sick the next day. You just need to find the right strain for you individually. An honest review. I love it ! Thankyou all at KUK

  29. Samuel Fry (verified owner)

    Top banana! Grab it whilst its extra cheap – its pukka stuff.

  30. David Mc (verified owner)

    Absolutely loving this strain just now and the fact it’s on sale is an added bonus,I’ve stopped taking tramadol due to this strain being so good for back pain,im far more productive in work and I was mountain biking for the first time in years and absolutely loved it,the service from this site is second to none,absolutely over the moon A++++++++++++++

  31. Callum R (verified owner)

    i have to say im impressed! 4 grams of this has me feeling good. im a regular pain medication user for chronic pain and this stuff is so far relieving more pain than my prescribed meds do. so happy i made this purchase!

  32. Richard B (verified owner)

    Excellant Bali Kratom, really like this red strain as it’s quite sedating. Would recommend trying this one!

  33. Mirek S (verified owner)

    Probably 3.5 stars for me in terms of strength and desired effects but 5 stars in terms of value for money (and delivery times etc).

    I find it nice and relaxing, and can lead you to sleep nicely which I have to say I’ve not really had before – kratom generally makes me struggle to get to sleep.
    However it has a bit of a ceiling for me and you can’t really get beyond a certain intensity, which may be a reflection of myself but I my theory is that all of this companies products are much fresher, maybe younger plants and so they have a slightly different effect than what I was used to. The taste and ‘body’ of the actual material is far more fresh and light, and much less bitter and hard to stomach than previous experiences. I believe, for whatever reason, that all the products in this site are better in the smaller dose range and work really well like that, but do not continue to increase in intensity past a point. Not to say that they are inferior, just for some a personal preference is the heavier and deeper effects.

    Great company, glad I’ve found it!

  34. Harrison Avery-Jones (verified owner)

    This was some of my first kratom (Have since tried many) and it helped give me a really good idea of the whole spectrum when it comes to how you can use kratom as a tool. At lower doses, I experienced a body sensation hard to describe, one of euphoric constant energy and pain relief. At higher doses, I experienced far more sedation and a much heavier euphoric body load. I did experience quite a bit of nausea when testing out higher doses so just be aware of that.

  35. Erman O (verified owner)

    After trying white Malay and red Indo maeng da from kuk and being very satisfied this was a huge disappointment. The taste of this was much worse than any kratom I’ve ever tried, metallic and rotten. It is a potent strain but the effects weren’t pleasant . There is a sense of lethargy that rises with the dosage. It made me unproductive even at low doses and high dosage experiences weren’t euphoric. I would compare it to cheap weed. It gets you stoned and tired but you can achieve some relief for specific problems. However these problems are also treated with other strains without the lethargy and horrible taste. I got this because it was cheaper but I think other strains I tried are worth the extra.

  36. M. Pasiowiec (verified owner)

    First try, very surprised how good this really is! Green veins and white worked but not as well, this one is the one you’re looking for! Perfect score, perfect price, extremely fast delivery, mine was faster than Amazon! Very pleased.

  37. Jordan F (verified owner)

    Just had 5 grams for my first time trying this strain, I have tried white vein before in capsules a couple of times and I didn’t like them due to the stimulation they gave me as I prefer downers but im hoping this strain is more relaxing and sedating effects. I ordered this yesterday morning and it’s just came today, super quick and easy process and delivery. Only issue is that when i ripped open the packet, the powder went allover as the seal inside the packet wasn’t sealed. Other than that, everything is great!! Thanks

  38. Gavin B (verified owner)

    Does what is says on the tin, best red dor pain and best price around. Helps my backpain ease and lets me get on with my day.

  39. joshvsninja91 (verified owner)

    Does an amazing job at helping me monitor my anxiety, stress and depression.

    For a herbal supplement I can’t recommend it enough. This strain particular is amazing value for the effects it gives.

    Would recommend

  40. Aaron B (verified owner)

    Great product. It has helped me with anxiety, sleeping and pain. It’s also a great alternative to alcohol since you get a lovely buzz but if you take it every night then you can start to build a tolerance. I love the stuff and I’m going to be making larger orders soon.

  41. Christopher S (verified owner)

    For the price it’s great.
    Not much different from the gold version and other expensive versions. Nice sedating effect and not such a bad taste as other varieties.

  42. Jason N (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered from here many times and every time the service has been exceptional with the highest quality product.

    However the latest delivery is nothing like previous orders, the taste is absolutely vile (I’m used to the taste of kratom and don’t usually find it all that bad). But worse than taste is the effects which are pretty much non existent. I take kratom primarily for back and knee pain and its been a life saver in its effectiveness but this latest batch doesn’t nothing for pain even at doses above what i normally take. Maybe its this strain, but i have had some in a sample pack a while back and i certainly would of remembered if it was this bad. Or maybe its this particular batch, it is on offer so maybe it’s below standard?

    Either way, because of the above i cant recommend this particular strain. Spend the extra and get something else.

  43. CKJ (verified owner)

    Great kratom, great price.
    NDD to UK, Thanks KUK.

  44. Gareth M (verified owner)

    Really good product
    Very relaxing
    Just what the doctor orderd
    10 times better than alchol for sure

  45. Sarah (verified owner)

    Great value, great product, great service

  46. Gary (verified owner)

    I suffer from RLS and have had such a run around with prescription meds. Recently someone mentioned Kratom so I tried it out. Amazingly good. It has helped hugely with Tramadol withdrawals and is SO effective at dealing with RLS. Better than any prescription meds by far. Really helps with agitation, exhaustion and anxiety too that accompany RLS. Very fast delivery from

  47. geordiechris1970 (verified owner)

    Been buying Bali red strain for years as it helps with my day to day pain relief from my sciatica, as well as lazy leg syndrome which helps me sleep at night. Great product and great service, highly recommend this site and their products.

  48. lukemck999 (verified owner)

    Ordered a few different strains and received my package in less than 24 hours, KUK is really the way to go for the UK folk. I’ve ordered from a couple different sites to see if it’s any different and I’ve found KUK to consistently be the strongest, and great customer service. Cheers.

  49. James Marshalsey (verified owner)

    It is nothing like the Bali I ordered last year and looks completely different, and has almost no smell or effects

  50. CKJ (verified owner)

    Lovely stuff. Great customer service, included a small sample of white vein for me to try, as I requested.
    Saviours of the UK Kratom scene!

  51. watsongi (verified owner)

    I have used Kreatom UK for a number of years now and have always found the service and quality of product excellent. Never more so for my last order which was lost by the courier. After a quick email exchange, a replacement order was sent and received next day. 5* service. Many thanks.

  52. Lindsey C Todd (verified owner)

    With no tolerance i hardly felt anything compared to the other strains that KUK. Disappointed

  53. knibbzy (verified owner)

    Crushed Leaf Version –

    Really good quality. I like the KUK Bali but as its out of stock, so thought I’d grab some crushed leaf and grind it up myself. I just use a coffee bean grinder, and it works fine. I can’t get as fine a grind as the usual Bali powder, but it works well enough and gives great effects. I’ve tried tea in the past, but never really got the desired effects, but I will give it a try again with this also.

    If you like the Bali K, I would definitely recommend if you’re in two minds about leaf whether leaf is as good as powder.

    Great service as well, as always.

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