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White Indo Maeng Da

White Indo Maeng Da

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White Indo Maeng Da is an example of a high grade horned leaf kratom. Horned kratom, also known as Maeng Da, has a much higher alkaloid content than regular kratom leaves.

The higher alkaloid count of Indo Maeng Da improves the energy boosting and pain relieving effects of kratom. White veins are well known for being the most effective energy boosting strain and white Maeng Da takes this to the next level.

Indo Maeng Da is particularly popular with sufferers of chronic fatigue or stress related exhaustion. White Indo Maeng Da can offer an energy boost that transcends even the strongest cup of coffee. And while coffee can irritate the stomach, increasing the perception of pain and causing anxiety, kratom achieves the opposite. Kratom has a soothing effect on the stomach lining and a pain relieving effect, leading to a sense of energy grounded in calm.

What Conditions can White Indo Maeng Da Help Treat?

Indo Maeng Da is also popular with those suffering from painful conditions that make daytime activity difficult. Some users that were previously bedbound have even had movement restored as a result of taking energetic kratom strains. If you suffer from degenerative disease, chronic pain, or any kind of debilitation, Indo Maeng Da could be the key to significant change in your daily life.

30-45 minutes after taking Indo Maeng Da, you’ll experience waves of energy, which will disperse into a motivated and cheerful mood. Rather than feeling on edge and anxious, you’ll be able to confidently carry out your daily responsibilities. Even naturally anxious people often find white veins have a calming effect that helps them stay cool and collected.

If you suffer from tiredness, depressed mood or persistent pain, Indo Maeng Da could easily become your new favourite strain. Consider it for your next order.

Our kratom powder is delicately milled into a fine aromatic blend, using only the leaf, which contains the highest concentration of alkaloids. It is easy to swallow when mixed with juice or yogurt, or it can be brewed into a tea.

We manage all of our kratom plantations ourselves to ensure that kratom is correctly indentified and safely prepared. Each batch is HPLC tested for kratom alkaloid content.

Try White Indo Maeng Da – A true daytime Kratom

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45 reviews for White Indo Maeng Da

  1. Lloyd (verified owner)

    All of KUK Kratom is the absolute best of the best that’s available anywhere; Period. It’s really that simple. I’ve shopped around and wasted my time and money, this is a natural product and doesn’t get better than KUK’s examples.
    This strain is fantastic for energy. But in my experience, which is a lot now with Kratom, they all give energy. But white and greens in particular will cause difficulty falling asleep if taken in the evening. But so will red in low doses in my experience.
    I take Kratom for depression, anxiety and terrible fatigue. I no longer suffer from any of these! Because I have a spoonful of kratom each morning. It’s really simple, and so effective. I would be lost without this and back to the doctors getting nowhere fast, and having lots of time off work through sickness. I’ve progressed at work, increasing my salary from £26k to £50k since starting a Kratom regime. Because I no longer have irrational thoughts and fear of applying myself. I now apply for the position I used to think was too scary and out of my reach. Kratom is my medicine, it’s made my life complete.
    Also controls my pain well from a major motorcycle accident, which I used to take opiate pain medication for, for 20+ yrs. Kratom doesn’t cause me constipation and I don’t feel like an addict taking opiate pain medication constantly anymore. I no longer take any, and I never thought that would happen, and so effortlessly.
    Corny to say, but genuinely changed my life!
    If you are a new user, maybe go for Sumatra rather than Maeng Da, as it is noticeably stronger, particularly on the tummy. But you can always just take less!!
    Thank you Kratom and thank you KUK.
    Much love 🙏

  2. catherine c (verified owner)

    This product is a useful supplement. I have IBS and need to use the bathroom frequently. This helps with the pain and reduces the need to use the bathroom. In addition I notice that my anxiety levels are improved. I mix this with psyllium husk as it makes the product easier to swallow as it can be bitter.

  3. ALEC O (verified owner)

    Maeng da white is one of my all time favourites. It enables me to just get things done with improved attention, reduced pain and anxiety, and a very clean ‘in the flow’ feeling. This product is very strong and quite stimulating so take it easy if you’re new.

  4. thecollectiveconciousness

    Another awesome strain and a good white. Very potent which means great value for money. KUK is the only place I will buy from now. Top quality and service.

  5. saba

    During the Covid-19 lockdown, I became very ill with Tinnitus and severely depressed. I could not see my GP and I had to call 111 and then they transferred to GP. I spoke with 2 GPs and they were not helpful but I was in a constant panic and developed palpations. My pressure has gone 160 so I had to attend Accidents and emergency , provided by NHS. They sent back to GP again. They finally agreed to prescribe anti-depression tables. It did not help at all. Them my friend suggested to use Kratom. Within few days, my symptoms disappeared. Only I make tea of Kratom if we had another panic attacks. I also stooped taking ant-depressions that caused my hallucinations. I occasionally used Kratom when I have a panic attacks other wise not. I am ok now and work without any further issues with my health.

  6. ppnjwilliams10 (verified owner)

    I have tried literally every strain on offer and for me this is one of the most energising I have tried. Dose small in a morning and then focus becomes noticeably improved while the feeling of tiredness dissipates so much faster. I would highly recommend this strain to anyone who struggles for concentration or has poor sleep and low energy.

  7. b.staff (verified owner)

    Has been amazing for my motivation and anxiety. I take a some before I go out at night and to the gym.

  8. bwg (verified owner)

    Another favourite of mine. Great for energy and relaxation. Usual put a tablespoon in tea or coffee twice a day.

  9. chris_945 (verified owner)

    All strains from this site have been high quality but this is one of my favourites. Long lasting but clean, focussed energy without the jitters of caffeine. Only small amounts required. Won’t allow me to select a rating but it’s 10/10

  10. Trip Two (verified owner)

    This is my favourite strain I’ve tried so far. I’m disabled and have chronic pain. I first tried Kratom as I was told it is good for sleep. I’ve not found it good for sleep if I’m honest but it’s been amazing for giving an energy boost which means I get out of the house more than I would without it.
    Thank you for a great service. I have been able to stop other substances that I have used for pain and energy. I find hangovers are minimal if at all with Kratom.

  11. Limara G (verified owner)

    As a big fan of the red indo maeng I asked for a recommendation, to switch up so I don’t get to tolerant to the red. After researching I realised you need to switch up from time to time to make sure you don’t build to much tolerance. Franz suggested the white indo and so far I’m really happy with it. It feels incredibly clean and gives me a great energy boost. I made the mistake of trying it at night so I’m not sure I’ll sleep for a while tonight 😂. But that’s fine with me. I usually struggle with a.d.h.d and my focas and lack of attention is usually crippling. I’ve found that taking 2 large spoonfuls mixed in with my hot chocolete has made my attention span much easier to control. My racing thoughts have quietened and I’m able to zone into a particular task. I feel like this is a great switch up from the red indo. It’s stimulating without being jittery. I feel upbeat and able. My only advice would be to take it in the morning I can see how this strain would help give a good boost through the day!! Another unexpected effect is that it’s calmed my stomach down ! I usually have stomach cramps , pains that come from stress and anxiety as I took this I had been troubled through the day with my stomach within 20 mins I felt my stomach relax and the cramps started to calm down. I recommend this strain for a good boost ! I feel as Clean as a whistle and able to face tasks that I usually can’t handle. Things like washing the dishes and cleaning up clutter. Things I usually have so much trouble concentrating on 😊. beautiful product. Thank you KUK 💕

  12. Jacqueline Ismay (verified owner)

    My favourite strain. Powerful and a little goes a long way. Helps me feel more positive and motivated. Great company with excellent commitment to quality.

  13. Kristina Y (verified owner)

    A week ago I have ordered this one, green vein and Sundanese White which I haven’t tried yet. The green vein one is great, but unfortunately this one is not affecting me very well. I am not sure why but after about 20-30 minutes since I take it I am starting to get sick. Vomited multiple times and feel dizzy. I am taking less than 3 grams. Not sure why is this happening. At first I thought I am overdosing it but that can’t be the case as I am taking quite a small quantity. I don’t know maybe it is just not my cup of tea. The others are great, tho.

    • Franz K

      Kristina, this is very unusual to say the least, White Indo is one of our top selling products and all we get is great reviews. That does not mean it is going to be right for everyone and on this occassion it may not be your cup of tea. Try using 1g as it is strong and see if that helps?

  14. luciomacri

    For me is the best strain I’ve tried! 2,5 g and you’ll go well.

  15. Greg H (verified owner)

    I suffer from fibromyalgia and didn’t get this diagnosed for years so was put on different medication before landing on this diagnosis. Then a new load of medication was put forward and to be honest all the docs would give was pain relief which anyone who suffers long term pain nothing really touches it. That is until I started trying kratom. Am not going to say that this is the answer to everyone’s pain or other ailments but this works very well for me with the boost of energy it gives I can make it through the day sometimes half the day but the difference is night and day from anything else. I do find myself doing more somedays but on the days that I am not working I cam go without it ok . Its not a problem to leave it . This has been a absolute god send to be able to live almost normal life , with the benefit of elevated mood . I can’t recommend it enough.

  16. chris m (verified owner)

    I suffer several chronic conditions; arthritis in the neck and joints, restless legs, IBS, depression, sleep deprivation. My G.P. refused to give me Tramacet & put me back on Co-codamol which in the end caused more pain. It’s taken a long time to find out which strains & the right dosage of kratom work best for me because they all seem to have subtle differences but I find this one more useful during the day because it’s a good pain killer and I am less drowsy than on the red vein varieties, I am slightly more energetic.

  17. Avatar photo

    Damian M (verified owner)

    Great strain and really helps with depression. I find it very very strong though and the first couple of times I felt overstimulated as I took more than I needed. When I cut it down it is gentle and helps with mood. Am going to combine with other strains to see what results I can get.

  18. Sufi J (verified owner)

    Personally I found this strain too strong for a beginner this would be for the more advanced user. However like all the products here they are excellent at alleviating pain boosting mood. I have been living with HIV since 1987 I’ve been on HIV medication from the beginning when they were using us like human rats. Trial and error I’m now in the 4th decade of these medications and they have caused chronic bone disease up and until just a few weeks ago I had been taking prescribed OxyContin and Oxycodone benzodiazepines and sleepers this miracle plant has removed all those medications I am now clean and sober from those substances thanks to Kratom. I await bilateral hip and knee replacement surgery as I mentioned in the other review for people who are reduced to living on state benefits and wishing to use this instead of prescribed opiates it’s going to be a stretch. I took a dose of 5 grammes at 7am it’s 16.24 I’m about to take a second dose and turbo cycle for 40mins followed by Bodyweight squats and finish with yoga – prescribed meds just made me sleep and disconnected me from me and from the world and everything in between – Kratom has enabled me to start getting stuff done. A friend once said what are you doing with your DASH – I said what do you mean – he said the dash between the date you are born and the date you die. Thanks to Kratom today I’m living my dash.

  19. David M (verified owner)

    This is my favourite strain as it helps with my back pain and keeps me from using tramadol which counter acts with my active lifestyle before using kratom my only relief was tramadol which would leave me feeling spaced and lethargic,this strain helps me stay productive with a positive mindset too,this site has been a godsend and it’s so reliable and well ran I would recommend it I’m a heartbeat,thanks KUK this is fantastic service,

  20. raphaellabrasing.ton (verified owner)

    White Indo Maeng Da is my absolute favourite strain ever! I have been suffering from M.E and Fibromyalgia for 8 years and I discovered kratom about a year ago. I can’t express how much this strain of kratom has improved my quality of life! I feel like I’ve got part of my life back. I am able to do normal things now, thanks to kratom. It is not a cure, and I still take it easy in terms of activity, but it help’s me deal with my symptoms so well. After having my morning cup of kratom, I have the energy to do jobs around the house and I can even socialise! Again, I cannot express how much this White Indo Maeng Da has helped me. has been my go to website to order from due to the super quick delivery and fantastic customer service.

  21. Craig G (verified owner)

    This strain is my favourite. Very invigorating up front and extremely relaxing after a few hours. Its very potent so you dont need as much and not too bad tasting when compared to other strains.

    I’ve had nothing but excellent service from this company. I will keep coming back to buy from them as long as they are in business. 10/10 across the board.

  22. Samuel A (verified owner)

    Ordered a mix for myself and found this to be the best. Would recommend to anyone else looking to get started with kratom and see if it works for them.

  23. Vladimir Z (verified owner)

    My favorite strain , most potent. Very energizing, and puts you in a good mood! provides the best service, super fast and hassle free shipping. Cant thank enough!

  24. Mohammed T (verified owner)

    I have been using kratom for a few years and it has transformed my life from 360 degree. I have been on an amazing journey with kratom from moment I discovered it by trying to treat my severe anxiety holistically without antidepressants. I tried many herbal remedies but kratom is by far the best and most efficacious of all natural herbal treatments.

    Every part of my life has transformed from my personal life with my wife and two kids to my job where I progressed my career from specialist to now associate director.

    I have found White veins are best for
    treatment of my anxiety and providing lots of energy and motivation to do tasks. I also like greens followed by reds.

    I only discovered KUK recently and have already been impressed with their level of delivery service (next day is amazing). Franz has been great with communication.

    I ordered the white maeng da so looking forward to trying it.

    Thank you for your help in this matter.

  25. Mirek S (verified owner)

    Ive never especially enjoyed the ‘white’ strains before trying this companies but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Very clean and smooth, not over the top in the energy department and so scatty. I think all these products are much fresher than I have tried from vendors in the past. Excellent service and delivery time.

  26. bencovus1983 (verified owner) has always been a reliable vendor. Never had any issues with the various strains I’ve bought from them. The white indo da is by far my favourite. It really helps me with my energy levels as a sufferer from depression a d generalises anxiety. I feel more confident and proactive each day. Would definitely recommend if you suffer from lethargy or find it hard to get motivated when bogged down with depressive symptoms.

  27. ipont100500 (verified owner)

    Wow this strain should be called “afghani” as I’ve never had such a strong kratom resembling the opium feeling. Just one scoop put me in an airplane mode I can’t even speak it’s so strong for fucks sake mate

  28. Julian F (verified owner)

    I’ve decided finally to write this after a year or more of experience. This is an amazing anti-depressant, stimulating in the best, non-jittery sense, and it cures my migraines – not just while the kratom’s effects last (a long time for me, easily the whole day at least) but the migraine episode is completely cancelled from then on: otherwise it goes on for days, sometimes a week or more. An absolute godsend. Send: speed and helpfulness of service really could not be more first rate.

  29. lukemck999 (verified owner)

    Never let me down, crazy efficient delivery service and awesome fresh product. You don’t need to go anywhere else for your kratom.

  30. Jacob S (verified owner)

    Friend of mine recommended this strain and I definitely see why the energy boost you get is enjoyable and you still feel relaxed great product. Keep up the good work:)❤️

  31. James McIntosh (verified owner)

    Didn’t find it as potent as the Thia or Cambodian but the delivery times are fantastic and customer service is excellent.

  32. double 0 four (verified owner)

    5 star(the rating button doesn’t seem to work)
    how can i put this? i’m not trying to give up opiates, i have no intention of quitting- i plan to continue my usage of opiates. i still recommend this product. i used freshly squeezed grapefruit juice a couple hours before drinking 12.5 grams of this white indo maeng da, i would say the pain-killing effect is similar to 50mg of oral-morphine(this is not medical advice)

  33. James Mc (verified owner)

    Hi I didn’t find this strain as strong as the Combodian and Thai Maeng Da strains but this could be due to my tolerance levels needing rectified. I found I had to take larger dose each time. Its still a good strain in larger doses. I just like to say though customer service and delivery times are different class I get mine next day if I order early enough. These guys are best in the market for UK Kratom.

  34. Kelly B (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery. Ordered early Friday and landed on my doorstep today (Saturday). You can’t go wrong with this strain. I tried the red but found it to be much more sedating, but this White Indo is super activating. I managed to put in a decent 7 hour shift earlier today and the boss is happy, so that is a great plus. If you are looking to get stuff done, whether it be at work or chores around the house, this is the strain for you. Thanks Franz. 👍👊

  35. Aaron B (verified owner)

    I bought 500g of this and I don’t regret it. Although I’ve built a tolerance. I take it every morning and it helps me with anxiety and makes me more positive. Whilst feeling great. I highly recommend trying kratom because I love it.

  36. l r (verified owner)

    Phenomenal stuff. Am so so happy with it. I have suffered from stress related muscles pains that have crippled me for years. The first time I had Kratom I could feel literal years of toxins that had been building up around my neck and spine just melt away. Now I just have some a few times a month to help relax and nowhere have I had as clean an experience as from this shop. Very little sleepiness just relaxed, focused, clear headed. Many many thanks to They were recommended by a friend and it is everything one can possibly hope from a top grade Kratom.

  37. Victoria Haneveer

    I’ve never had such great quality kratom as what this company sends and today I tried the white Maeng Da which is really good. I have a clean focus and relaxed feeling at the same time. I was never really a user of whites but this one is great.

  38. Dave Millership

    This was the closest strain to a good opiate ive ever used. Very Euphoric, relaxed but not slumped, usually use reds but this had converted me 🤯👌

  39. Ex Addict (verified owner)

    This strain is fantastic really enjoy this one glad I read the reviews and decided to try it 10/10. Great next day delivery and service from KUK as always.
    Thank you Franz.

  40. Terry Marshall (verified owner)

    I found this great for anxiety..I find Green Malay better for energy but I had this in a tea and Green Malay in capsules. It’s great for anxiety and pain and energy is still ok and a fantastic strain to switch to so that your tolerance doesn’t build too much, I think this may be better for stimulation when taken in capsules. So far though I’m a green strain guy. But it ticks a good few boxes and I’m happy with my purchase and the fast delivery. Can’t be beaten from what I hear and look for ward to trying a few more strains

  41. T74 (verified owner)

    This White Indo is great for focus and provides a real clear benefit to my day. highly recommend this strain to anyone interested, KUK strains are easily the best quality available in the UK.

  42. jonotooze (verified owner)

    I am a M.E. Sufferer and find the white Indo by far the most effective stimulant to enable a level of focus and energy unavailable to me without taking it. Of all the white kratom I have tried this is both the most stimulating but also the least “edgy” in its effect, ie you don’t feel wired or strung out. I find blending this with the green indo ma da and the red indo ma da a full arsenal to help me through my day. Iv been a customer here on and off for 8 years now and would not shop elsewhere . The level of service and quality of the product is far superior to any other vendor. Need I say more …..

  43. Akash Sharma (verified owner)

    Just ordered 500 gm of this. Its the only strain that gives me good euphoria (my kind of euphoria) – makes me motivated to get through the day. i moved to the UK from India and I feel hella lonely out here. I was taking codeine every day for 7 years. When i moved, i had bad withdrawals, couldn’t sleep for days. Eventually I ordered Kratom from KUK and everything got better, been 4 months and it seems to be going fine. Time is passing, and that’s exactly how i want it to go. Hopefully this 500 grams will at least last 2 months.

    Thanks Franz and Team! If you didnt exist, i dont know what would I have done. Now i can survive this and finish my degree and go back home this August.

  44. Oldhippy (verified owner)

    Great stuff the white indo I use it regularly slightly more punchy than the green. First class delivery as always. KUK is a great site for quality Kratom. Highly recommend this strain 3 or 4 grams is plenty of this stuff to do the trick. Il keep coming back here every time.

  45. Keith Pocock (verified owner)

    This is really good quality stuff, possibly my favourite so far from! I have had a lot of different variants over the years but this strain is very good. I’m not sure what to try next because I don’t want to be disappointed, so would love to hear others opinions.

    My only issue is that they don’t do 100g deliveries so I end up buying 4 sample packs at a time which makes it a bit pricier than where I got it from previously. I feel a lot safer ordering from here though as the tracking information is great and I’m not just sending bank transfers to some random who I don’t know. The packaging is great as is my local DPD driver so I know I will always receive it on time.

    Please could you start doing 100G packages, and I think a Forum would be great on the page to discuss what strains to try. That would definitely stop me from going elsewhere.

    Keep up the good work though, really good quality.

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