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Green Malay Maeng Da

Green Malay Maeng Da

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Our special Malay Maeng Da powder is a derivative of a green vein kratom, notoriously known for it’s harmonious balance of energy infusing effects alongside a relaxing state of mind. Green Malay is perfect for those not seeking heavy kratom effects, such as that of a Balinese strain. However, who still want to reap the benefits of its pain-afflicting properties with Malay being a first aid kit to aches, pains and many muscular injustices.

Malay Maeng Da will motivate with high-energy, lucidity and clear perception – probably the second most energising strain after Indo but with a higher degree of tranquillity towards the end experience. Certainly a tonic to use in the daytime and possibly into the evening if not used too close to bedtime. There is nothing worse than not being able to drift off into a restful nights sleep….red veins are more suited for night time use.

Why our Green Malay Kratom is Special

Our green Malay is a horned kratom, which indicates that this kratom holds a much higher alkaloid content than non-maeng da varieties. We are very proud of our maeng da range, offering some of the best quality kratom for all Kratom aficionados – who really know their stuff! If you have not yet tried this range we urge you to let your senses be uplifted with this green Malays effects, we promise you this will not disappoint.

Remember that famous saying – Less Is More

Don’t forget to use kratom responsibly and in moderation; to reap the true benefits of kratom, the old saying is true – less is more! 2-3 gram reflects an average dose but this is dependent upon the individual. Contributing factors such as an empty stomach and how the kratom has been prepared. Your last meal is best consumed within a 2 hour time period and preparing your Kratom in conjunction with some acidity will lead to a faster absorption rate of those all important alkaloids – Kratom’s life force! Try mixing with orange juice or adding some lemon to taste.

Malay Maeng Da Kratom is popular during the day!

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28 reviews for Green Malay Maeng Da

  1. FRANCIS O (verified owner)

    A miracle working herb, i feel outstanding i have severe depression and anxiety, very rarely go outside but things are changing by using this, i shall be buying a bigger supply next time, i love the samples.

  2. knibbzy (verified owner)

    By far and away my favourite strain, perfect boost of energy and mood.

    Always good quality here as well. Next day delivery always spot on too.

  3. maladkins (verified owner)

    Green Malay is my personal favourite, I find it helps me in do many ways, I have chronic insomnia, when I take it before bed it really does the trick, I’m so thankful after suffering for so many years, also I sometimes get ‘restless legs syndrome’ it certainly helps with that. Would like to say this is a great company!

  4. kitag85 (verified owner)

    This is my go to strain. Is is an all-round wonder herb and i wouldn’t be without it. Good quality

  5. ipont100500 (verified owner)

    This one is interesting. It’s not as potent as green indo maeng da but certainly gives me a sense of confidence and relaxation at the same time. I’d recommend it for beginners because I find it very soft and subtle which is ideal for those who need to do business and not get very high.

  6. kristian (verified owner)

    Like most people on here are saying, I would also say that this is probably my favourite strain. Its always the one I use up first. It does everything I want from kratom. Energises my body and tranqualises my mind. I would also say it is the most heady/stoney type feeling. Really good for doing the housework and other boring tasks.

  7. s.mcginty (verified owner)

    This is my favourite strain by far. It really is a perfect blend between stimulating and mellow. I’d advise against taking too much however,as it can make you quite irratable. If you buy this i’d recommend a red strain to complement it.

  8. Louis B (verified owner)

    Very nice balanced Green. Nice for wheb you dont want too much red or too much white, just perfect. Excellent price and quick delivery will definitely order again 🙂

  9. wqill2018 (verified owner)

    Long term customer – Great product, great service, great company – Franz for Prime Minister!

  10. Gabriel C (verified owner)

    Quite a subtle strain. I feel a sense of well-being as well as pain relief but don’t feel sedated like I don’t want to do anything.

  11. Jacqueline Ismay (verified owner)

    Amazingly quick delivery service. Quality is always excellent. Have tried a few other vendors but have always come back to Kratom UK.

  12. Sarah J (verified owner)

    Only tried this recently and it’s amazing for bed, I don’t take a huge amount but I do find I’m sleeping at night. I did try one morning and feel back to sleep so for me it’s perfect for bed or if my pains that bad I need to rest. I didn’t notice any euphoric reactions, just calm, resting and stopping my spasms

  13. George P (verified owner)

    This one is good for productive work, nice stimulating effects or can be good for anxiety or sleep. Nice blend and is good, but has a steep dose curve, between stimulation or opioid effects 5 stars

  14. George P (verified owner)

    Good blend can be stimulating euphoric or nice relaxation effect good for productive work or winding down 5 stars

  15. D Mason (verified owner)

    Having tried all the samples, I’ll leave a general review on this my favourite one. However I’m finding it’s all pretty random. I never take more than once a day and always on an empty stomach. Am up to between 1 3/4tsp to 2tsp, now one day it’ll be great but the next it’ll do absolutely nothing, no rhyme or reason to it, totally random, which is pretty frustrating because I’ve also had weird affects from taking just a smidge too much, so there’s a fine line between ideal and weirdness, meaning if it doesn’t work u can’t exactly neck another load for fear weirdness occurring. Not sure what to do about it really

  16. tessa20 (verified owner)

    This is a chill strain of GM, great for new people as it’s not too strong. I am a more experienced user and prefer it as it doesn’t stop me from doing anything just takes the edge off of my anxiety and social struggles. It doesn’t kill my appetite either which is a bonus as I can find it really difficult to eat on other strains.
    I must warn you though I have caught myself singing with my headphones on when I am out (probably more of a warning to the people around me:)
    It’s a good clean blend (as always with KUK)

  17. FRANCIS O (verified owner)

    The best one in my eyes, each will be different for different people, i adore this but i have come to love Bali, very cheap and helps me so so much, Green Malay is a bit stronger than the Bali, each are perfect.. Been a proud customer for almost a year, order weekly, brilliant people.

    Franz you are outstanding <3 very fast to answer any of the questions… Changed my life for the better, thank you.

  18. ACass (verified owner)

    The Green Malay is a nice and chill variety. I find it exactly as described here – less energising than the white but far from sedative. I prefer to take it in the evening and it’s never given me any trouble sleeping.

  19. Muhammad H (verified owner)

    It’s new thing for us though we’re born from this place.. it helps my wife on her C tumour pain and anxiety within minutes taking it.. tried indo red vein but gives her strong headaches and so far found malay is more mild and effective in reduce anxiety nearly instantly.. still learning right dosages.. have prepare this in 2-3g lower dosage a day by boiling in hot water for 15 mins and added cinnamon, lime (release more alkaloids), himalayan salt and cool it down and add raw honey.. taste so good.. but still experimenting.. to help her reduce pain in lower dosage but she still have to take painkiller now and then.. will order a bigger amount.. malaysian ppl boiling the leaves without the red veins.. not giving medicine advise just share experience..

  20. thought101

    Currently working my way through the newly restocked variety pack, and this one so far is head and shoulders above the rest. Relaxation and euphoria within minutes. Yesterday I had a full days hill walking, with my cat.. I felt like king of the world!
    KUK is by far the best supplier that I know of, keep up the great work! 🙂

  21. greynew11 (verified owner)

    A very good Kratom, slightly more sedating than stimulating for me at a 7g dose, although less stimulating replaced by a feeling of enthusiasm, warm, calm, happy feeling. (Am a 2 year daily user of Kratom at approx 1kg a month which got me off a 26 year hard opiate addiction.)

  22. johnebugden (verified owner)

    I brought some green Malay to help cope with joint pain in my elbow while working doing painting and decorating. Not only did my joint paint ease off, I felt fantastic! The kratom gave me such a boost with my mood and focus on top of the pain relief I couldn’t believe it. I drank the kratom as a tea during my morning breaks and it was the perfect amount to see me through the day.

  23. James T (verified owner)

    Really nice, incredibly fresh and uplifting, to the extent of only using it in two gram doses, one in the morning and being the afternoon if I’m flagging or lacking focus.

  24. Terry Marshall (verified owner)

    I had 8 capsules (000 Capsules) of this stuff that I made up myself. They tend to average 0.6-0.7 g and I multi-tasked that well with making food, and tidying as I go, that well, that I thought I was gonna grow a pair of tits 😂😂

    Good, clean, energy, great mood, no anxiety. What’s not to like. Excellent service too.

  25. Happy Phil (verified owner)

    Really good stuff. This is the best site with prompt delivery. Thanks guys

  26. Arisha A (verified owner)

    I was very kindly sent a sample of this Green Malay Kratom by Franz. I was very impressed by the effect upon myself & two colleagues who were doing some conservation work upon an old stone barn, we had a most enjoyable afternoon! By the end of the day we had reached our goals with lime mortar pointing & my two co-workers (one of whom was a novice to Kratom) were favourably impressed with the sharpening & steadying effects upon focus. A very pleasing afternoon. (Doses were around 4 1/2 gram) Thank You to KUK & Franz for the excellent service & the kind provision of this sample pack of Green Malay! Blessings & power with your ongoing work, RxR

  27. KUKCustomer (verified owner)

    Really good Kratom strain this one is great for mornings slightly lighter than the White Indo with plenty of focus and motivation.

  28. Christopher Regan (verified owner)

    Somewhere between white and red so best of both worlds imo. A really nice strain.

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