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Green Indo Maeng Da

Green Indo Maeng Da

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Green Indo Maeng Da a new mood enhancing kratom strain to supercharge productivity and creativity

If you’re interested in kratom for mood enhancement, focus, productivity and creativity, this new strain has been grown with exactly you in mind. Green veins are popular with people seeking energy support without feeling over stimulated. Green Indonesian Maeng Da is perfect for this purpose. Enjoy a crisp and calm focus that is a far different experience to the jittery energy provided by coffee and other stimulants.

Green Indonesian Maeng Da has also proven popular with customers suffering from depression or anxiety. We put this down to the enhanced pain relieving properties of Maeng Da strains. While green veins are not typically highly pain relieving, Green Indo Maeng Da has an edge over other green strains. And since the body treats anxiety and depression (emotional pain) in the same way as physical pain, the enhanced pain relieving properties of this strain effectively comfort the mind.

Green Indo Maeng Da an Energy Boost that is Kind on the Stomach

If you’ve suffered from gastric issues like IBS, GERD or others, you know how your condition can leave you feeling drained and that typical stimulants like coffee can irritate the stomach lining, negating the benefits of increased energy.

Unlike coffee and other stimulants, kratom soothes the stomach lining by providing essential anti-inflammatory alkaloids. Kratom has even been shown to reduce diarrhoea and decrease the size of ulcers. This makes it perfect for providing a calm energy boost without exacerbating stomach issues. Additionally we have personally ground this strain into an extra fine powder, making it easier to digest than any other kratom brand on the market.

Imagine your working day free from nagging thoughts, feelings of exhaustion or discomfort. How much more productive would you be if you were pain free, focused and happy? Order today to find out.

Our promise

All of our kratom powder is delicately milled into a fine aromatic blend, using only the leaf, which contains the highest concentration of alkaloids. It is easy to swallow when mixed with juice or yogurt, or it can be brewed into a tea.

We manage all of our kratom plantations ourselves to ensure that kratom is correctly indentified and safely prepared. Each batch is HPLC tested for kratom alkaloid content.

Try Green Indonesian Maeng Da – A new strain ideal for focus and happiness

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12 reviews for Green Indo Maeng Da

  1. ipont100500 (verified owner)

    This is my go-to strain. Very strong and works every time. I get from it the most energy and euphoric properties. It’s definitely not recommended to take it before bed as it keeps you awake very much.

  2. MrG Mountain (verified owner)

    It’s fine.clean&bright,not to it’s said good anytime ofday

  3. Sarah J (verified owner)

    Not offensive to swallow, really helps with muscle spasms. When I find I am at the end of my pain threshold this is my goto Tea

  4. Sarah G (verified owner)

    Mood boosting, calm focus, loving & reflective, in the flow type positive energy. Second favourite after Sunda although it gives a different vibe.

  5. Gavin S (verified owner)

    I’ve tried them all almost, and this one is the best in my opinion, i take it for motivation/mood, and it’s strong for those effects.

  6. Alan C. (verified owner)

    All the kratom from kratom UK is helping me massively with my recently self-diagnosed ADHD and it will probably help me keep my job until I get an official diagnosis and access to proper medications. This strain seems to be one of the best ones for fuelling an under-performing ADHD brain. All the strains help though. Every one of them. Just some more than others.

    In all honesty, in the way the kratom from kratom uk affects me, I don’t get any euphoria from it, and musical appreciation only flickers up ever so slightly. It’s like the full range of effects I had from previous kratom don’t quite kick in for me. In that sense, this kratom doesn’t compare as well to supplies I used to be able to obtain. But the positive side of all that is that it makes this kratom much less addictive. Meaning that it seems that I will easily be able to use it just for work and not end up getting addicted. As i did to the Euphoric stuff in the past that also made music exquisitely warm or intense, depending on the strain.

    Positives and negatives.

  7. Victoria Haneveer

    This is one of the best strains I’ve ever had! It helps me focus, feel calm and mellow, and doesn’t make me jittery at all. I typically like reds for relaxing or whites for focus, but I got this one as part of a sample pack and I love it.

  8. chris.marten4 (verified owner)

    I’ve been taking various Kratom for over 5 years. I have two ongoing chronic conditions:- restless legs & myalgia. The myalgia has got much worse since the covid jab & I have found that some strains are now not working as well. This strain soothes away the pain & settles down the restless legs condition when I’m relaxing or going to bed whilst giving me more energy without any drowsiness

  9. T74 (verified owner)

    This Green Indo is great, Not sedating but uplifting gentle and peaceful i can see this becoming a favourite of mine. Top quality Meang Da.

  10. Janey82 (verified owner)

    I got this as part of a sample selection and have ordered more as it help me concentrate. It defo improves my day its having a big benefit on my life.

  11. thought101

    These Maeng Da’s are great! This Green Indo is nice for energy and focus, but still good with the pain killing. Without this I am floored, but with it I can get on with whatever I need to do.. but not only that, I get to enjoy myself, even the most mundane daily tasks become a positive and bright part of my day.
    Thanks KUK, please stay in business.

  12. thought101 (verified owner)

    This is a sparkling kratom, brings me to life all day, but still helps me sleep at night. Excellent for pain too. Life would be very difficult for me if it were not for KUK and its Kratom, so cheers 👍

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