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Kratom House Blend

Kratom House Blend

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Kratom House Blend – Proprietary Mix now have our very own House Blend “special brew” a Kratom in a class of it’s own! Made specifically from a special mix of various strains and veins. Our special house blend cannot be found anywhere else.

Bursting with alkaloid content this is a true delight offering a mix of Horned kratom as well as red, white and green veins to really stir things up! If you are looking for something that little bit different this will certainly not disappoint, offering an unusual character and a heady mixture of effects.

A definite daytime blend, being a more energetic kratom type – our house blend is ready on tap, brewing in our kratom casks! Try this house blend if you are looking for a simulative energy boost during the day. Get a kick-start to motivate and get your jobs done.

Start your day with that ‘Va Va Voom’

Our special house blend will give you that all-important ‘va va voom..’ Whether it be to fly through your household chores, go for a long run, or instill concentration to help focus on a work project or exam. Whatever it may be, our house blend will energize you with motivation to last throughout your day.

We are always on the hunt to offer our customers new and exciting strains and we feel our personalized ‘home brew’ offers something unique. After carefully mixing our proprietary blend, the kratom medley is powdered ensuring it can be easily consumed via your personal choice.

Coconut Kratom a Natural Energy Drink

Why not try adding the powder to some coconut water for a natural hydrating energy drink? Or mix with some live cultured yoghurt for a digestive aiding pick-me-up.

If you have your own kratom combo then please let us know! We are always excited to hear healthy new kratom recipes to ensure those all-important alkaloids are given the best chance to do their job.

If our house special tempts your fancy please do let us know what you think. You can leave your feedback via the product review option and help others make an informed choice as to whether our house blend is for them. Is it for you??

Try our House Kratom – Popular Daytime Choice

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6 reviews for Kratom House Blend

  1. hobbssean4 (verified owner)

    This blend of kratom is by far the best I have ever tried. I held back on buying this blend at first and first tried it when I purchased a sample pack. The description on this one is pretty much on point. It makes me feel motivated for the morning and eases all my aches and pains. I will definitely be buying this blend again and again!

  2. missXvamp (verified owner)

    I think this is a wonderful blend. It got rid of my stomach pain and definitely gave me a mood boost. I suffer very badly from mental illness and also different pain like ibs and migraines etc. I took 2 teaspoons of this and within a hour i felt much better. I will be buying this one again.

  3. wwwecg

    Stimulating and relaxing like a good inbetween of what you expect of a red and white. People might be wary because it doesn’t have the fancy asian country name but it’s really worth the try.

  4. amberlocke (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed the house blend, helped my endometriosis pain a lot, sometimes I’m bed bound from the pain! Gave a lovely content feeling. I can’t thank the guys here enough for what they do and provide us.

  5. bwg (verified owner)

    Always gives me a boost of energy. I Usually put a tablespoon in my coffee or tea twice a day. Been using various blends for about three years now and gradually getting through them all.

  6. Team420 (verified owner)

    I thought id try this one for a change, was a little wary of “house blends” but im very pleasantly surprised!
    Its a nice smooth mellow feeling with good pain relief. Also it has a light taste & smell.
    Well worth a try if you fancy a change!!

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