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Kratom House Blend

Kratom House Blend

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Kratom House Blend – Proprietary Mix now have our very own House Blend “special brew” a Kratom in a class of it’s own! Made specifically from a special mix of various strains and veins. Our special house blend cannot be found anywhere else.

Bursting with alkaloid content this is a true delight offering a mix of Horned kratom as well as red, white and green veins to really stir things up! If you are looking for something that little bit different this will certainly not disappoint, offering an unusual character and a heady mixture of effects.

A definite daytime blend, being a more energetic kratom type – our house blend is ready on tap, brewing in our kratom casks! Try this house blend if you are looking for a simulative energy boost during the day. Get a kick-start to motivate and get your jobs done.

Start your day with that ‘Va Va Voom’

Our special house blend will give you that all-important ‘va va voom..’ Whether it be to fly through your household chores, go for a long run, or instill concentration to help focus on a work project or exam. Whatever it may be, our house blend will energize you with motivation to last throughout your day.

We are always on the hunt to offer our customers new and exciting strains and we feel our personalized ‘home brew’ offers something unique. After carefully mixing our proprietary blend, the kratom medley is powdered ensuring it can be easily consumed via your personal choice.

Coconut Kratom a Natural Energy Drink

Why not try adding the powder to some coconut water for a natural hydrating energy drink? Or mix with some live cultured yoghurt for a digestive aiding pick-me-up.

If you have your own kratom combo then please let us know! We are always excited to hear healthy new kratom recipes to ensure those all-important alkaloids are given the best chance to do their job.

If our house special tempts your fancy please do let us know what you think. You can leave your feedback via the product review option and help others make an informed choice as to whether our house blend is for them. Is it for you??

Try our House Kratom – Popular Daytime Choice

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17 reviews for Kratom House Blend

  1. hobbssean4 (verified owner)

    This blend of kratom is by far the best I have ever tried. I held back on buying this blend at first and first tried it when I purchased a sample pack. The description on this one is pretty much on point. It makes me feel motivated for the morning and eases all my aches and pains. I will definitely be buying this blend again and again!

  2. missXvamp (verified owner)

    I think this is a wonderful blend. It got rid of my stomach pain and definitely gave me a mood boost. I suffer very badly from mental illness and also different pain like ibs and migraines etc. I took 2 teaspoons of this and within a hour i felt much better. I will be buying this one again.

  3. wwwecg

    Stimulating and relaxing like a good inbetween of what you expect of a red and white. People might be wary because it doesn’t have the fancy asian country name but it’s really worth the try.

  4. amberlocke (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed the house blend, helped my endometriosis pain a lot, sometimes I’m bed bound from the pain! Gave a lovely content feeling. I can’t thank the guys here enough for what they do and provide us.

  5. bwg (verified owner)

    Always gives me a boost of energy. I Usually put a tablespoon in my coffee or tea twice a day. Been using various blends for about three years now and gradually getting through them all.

  6. Team420 (verified owner)

    I thought id try this one for a change, was a little wary of “house blends” but im very pleasantly surprised!
    Its a nice smooth mellow feeling with good pain relief. Also it has a light taste & smell.
    Well worth a try if you fancy a change!!

  7. Nigel L (verified owner)

    I’m loving the house blend, since taking myself off prescription opiate pain relief after 20 years, I’ve finally found everything I’ve been missing. I know you can get those fake reviews that praise an item but I really have to say the truth, the last 3 years my life has been wake up take pain relief sit down and wait for them to kick in then sleep wake up for next dose maybe eat something then same again day in day out. I had no motivation I was constantly in pain. Now since starting Kratom I wake up early I have a kratom serving this lifts my mood gives me a great calming feeling takes my pain away. It really has changed my life. And the way I live my life. I’ve already converted 3 members of my family to kratom and that’s in a week.
    I really can’t recommend enough. Amazing product amazing quality amazing service. Franz gave me advice when I asked and I’m so glad I chose to make the change, I just wish I’d done it years ago.

  8. Sufi J (verified owner)

    Finding Kratom has been like finding the end of the rainbow. I had been taking prescribed ocxycontin up to 300mg for 9 months I am waiting for bi-lateral hip and knee replacements and also live with the condition fibromyalgia. So I stop taking the OxyContin and use the houseblend original idea was to just detox from the OxyContin I have not suffered at all. Immediately I felt like my old self – feeling spiritually connected to nature once more. While using Kratom I discovered that in my experience the Fibromyalgia Fog lifted – I could think clearly – this plant has been a miracle the only downside is that I just won’t be able to afford Kratom long term but for those of you with disposable income and not living on benefits because of disability will be able to experience and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of this miraculous plant every day. If I could give 6 stars for the houseblend I would. If your thinking this review is made up – I’ve toned it down. Honestly I could and have cried at how this has changed my day to day living experience.

  9. Sufi James (verified owner)

    This is the third review I have written and the theme of this review is about respect and responsibility. Kratom produces miraculous results however Kratom must be respected and as a human being trying to live an honest spiritual way of life I have a responsibility to give honest feedback so that those of you who are using Kratom for opiate detox from prescribed medication and you are a person who has experienced the crushing of their spirit and a thought-life that is like a hamster wheel and you have endured emotional disruption and disturbance you are a person who is living with a chronic pain condition and have found yourself at the jumping off place. There is a solution however Kratom is only one of the many tools that make up the solution. Exercise – whatever you can manage – just do it – stretching and simple yoga just do it – meditation and prayer just do it – releasing yourself from isolation just get out there and just say hello to people – just do it. Expand your consciousness – watch your thoughts and begin to replace the negative with positive – no matter how bad things get – just be grateful – feed the positive side of your mind and it will grow. Kratom is the enabler – day 10 of detox (I had been using up to and sometimes beyond 300mg of OxyContin daily) I hit a granite wall of incomprehensible pain and suffering a friend called out of the blue – he had just detoxed using Kratom this whole ride has been freaky – everything he said sounded too good to be true however what seemed to be a flimsy reed turned out to be a saving hand because here we are at week 4 of detox. I consumed 5grammes 5 times a day for a few day reducing these dosages over the next 14 days and have now stopped for a day and lowered the dose to 4g at just 1-2 times daily. I can only give my honest experience and that truth is my body just seemed to know and told me when it was ready to cut down the doses. Respect the Kratom and be responsible and you will have a life changing experience – disrespect Kratom and have a life changing experience. I am eternally grateful to Franz for his support and advice. I live with HIV and am in the fourth decade of living with HIV and three decades of antiretroviral therapy have caused the onset of advanced osteoarthritis – I am awaiting bilateral hip replacement followed by knee replacements Kratom works as part of a kit of tools. Please respect Kratom and be responsible and enjoy life the way you used to. You don’t have to be a prisoner to prescribed medication or pain – set yourself free – give the Houseblend a fair trial you have to experience the benefits words do not give the outcomes justice. Respect and Responsibility are the key words. Love and Light people x

  10. Alexander C

    5/5 Came next working day made a lovely tea out of it couldn’t recommend these guys enough

  11. Thomas E (verified owner)

    Listen . If u have anxiety then this will help you ditch the meds if you do it in a methodical way obviously but yeh this 1 is better for work 3-5 g dose is enuf to rid anxiety and give you energy for 5 hours I graft hard so if ur at home not working maybe it will last even longer
    It seriously works a treat and there is no denying its part of the coffee family and its from mother earth so win win
    This green views help anxiety and giv energy. Red viens equal.anxiety but more warm and cosy better for after work times
    Peace and love ❤️ ✌️

  12. jenny h (verified owner)

    wow thanks this works excellent

  13. Lindsey C Todd (verified owner)

    The House Blend from Kratom UK is pretty reliable and potent. Will purchase again

  14. andrinawesterdale (verified owner)

    Nice flavour, looks dark and tastes bitter, quality!

  15. KUKCustomer (verified owner)

    KUK. House blend is a powerful one, I could feel the red calming effect with the green and white making it not so sedating. Was actually out walking when it really started to kick in and it stopped me in my tracks! This is a really good blend i imagine any Kratom fan would like this as i do incredibly. Definetly recommend this one to any one wanting to try something different that you don’t get from individual strains.

  16. Aaron Bennett (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the feeling I get from the house blend. It’s supposed to be similar to caffeine but coffee has never made me feel this nice!!

  17. Mathew eyre (verified owner)

    Best blended kratom I have ever tried in over 2 decades. Effects are right down the middle Stim/sedate as you would expect from a beld. Franz excelled in with this one and if you have order here and not tried I highly advise you do.

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