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Cambodian Kratom

Cambodian Kratom

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Cambodian kratom is a relatively new green vein on the market. Cambodian kratom boasts all the benefits of a green vein – increased energy, decreased pain and uplifted mood – with a few new tricks of its own.

Cambodian kratom is the ideal strain for improving mood, which sufferers of depression, anxiety or stress really appreciate. The sensation of Cambodian kratom almost rivals Maeng Da in its euphoric and dreamy effects. This green vein can make work a breeze and even stressful tasks are made simpler as a result of the increased clarity of thought.

Are Green Veins More Energising than Red Veined Kratom?

Anxiety sufferers in particular find that green veins are ideal for their condition. Green veins are more energizing than red veins, but less than white, which some find overstimulating. Green veins are well balanced. Cambodian green in particular offers a great balance of energy, relaxation and effective pain relief.

Cambodian is also popular with those that suffer from mild to moderate daytime pain. Some find the stronger pain alleviation effects from reds or Maeng Da distracting for daytime use. Cambodian kratom makes a perfect alternative to maintain full productivity.

Many use green vein kratom as a coffee replacement. The energy boost from a low dose of kratom is comparable to a cup of coffee, but different in experience. Where as a caffeine boost can feel jittery and unsteady, a boost from kratom is underscored with comfort.

What do other customers use Cambodian Green Vein For?

Coffee is acidic and can inflame the stomach, kratom actually has a soothing effect on the stomach lining. Cambodian green vein is particularly popular with sufferers of IBS and ulcerative colitis for this reason.

If you suffer from conditions like depression , stress, degenerative disease, chronic pain or chronic fatigue, Cambodian green vein kratom could seriously improve your daily life.

Our kratom powder is delicately milled into a fine aromatic blend, using only the leaf, which contains the highest concentration of alkaloids. It is easy to swallow when mixed with juice or yogurt, or it can be brewed into a tea.

We manage all of our kratom plantations ourselves to ensure that kratom is correctly indentified and safely prepared. Each batch is HPLC tested for kratom alkaloid content.

Cambodian Green Vein One of my personal Favourites

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16 reviews for Cambodian Kratom

  1. nicksmith1000.ns (verified owner)

    My first time ordering this Cambodian Green, I ordered it on recommendation from Franz. I was looking for something relaxing. Franz was spot on, I found it very relaxing with a nice boost of energy, I felt calm and relaxed and motivated to do tasks. Very nice stain great if you want to relax but don’t want something too heavy, also I found some nice unexpected pain relief from my kidney stone, I think this strain could be good for moderate pain and the relaxing effects also help to reduce the pain.
    And again delivery went really smoothly as it always does and I received my order in less than 24hrs!
    100% outstanding customer service and top quality products.
    Thanks very much guys!

  2. missXvamp (verified owner)

    I think this a good green vein and would purchase again. I do find the maeng da blends better but like to mix it up at times. I have only took 1 heaped teaspoon of this and do feel i need a bit more for a more positive effect. What i take is only rather minimal amounts anyway and so if you did choose to use more i have no doubt you would feel the effects much better. But im happy with this as it did give me a mood boost and since taking it the last few days i havent been as low as usual.

  3. maladkins (verified owner)

    I’m new to Cambodian green but so far very impressed, I tend to suffer from anxiety & I’ve found this really helps, it also motivates me when my energy levels are low. Really good, definitely recommend.

  4. NathanM

    I’ve tried all of the Green Veins, and the Cambodian is definitely my favourite. This is my go-to strain every evening, and I find it excellent for stress/anxiety, since it has a strong calming effect – without causing too much sedation. I also find it excellent for dealing with aches and pains.

    Doesn’t cause me any issues getting to sleep, even if taken close to bedtime. A must have!

  5. gregbeesley1970 (verified owner)

    My favourite strain so far.Energy in low doses…relaxing at high doses.Perfect.

  6. Sion Hughes (verified owner)

    Excellent strain excellent service. Also the malay green is definitely worth a try top class

  7. Jenny (verified owner)

    Still feel like a Kratom newbie but this one definitely suits me I feel it quite sedating, which is pleasant. I’m always planning on trying lower doses as reviews are stating that there’s more of an energising feeling in having smaller amounts but so far, I haven’t tried this. I tried a different strain recently based on the positive reviews and found that it wasn’t really to my liking and Franz went far and beyond the call of duty with support in how to maximise the experience and that has made a difference, otherwise I’d just have a big bag of Kratom lying round going mouldy lol. He is so informative and experienced and my favourite internet shopkeeper! So glad this site was recommended to me. ♪

  8. lukemck999 (verified owner)

    A lovely batch, I knew it was going to hit hard when I tasted the bitterness which usually indicates a high amount of alkaloids, although not always. Anyway I did a 6g dose (I normally use 12-16g due to previous opioid use) and it has hit me perfectly. Thanks again franz for your professionalism and service to your customers, it does not go unnoticed. Can’t wait to try the other strains I ordered.

  9. robtylerblack (verified owner)

    A really pleasant Green Vein Kratom, helps massively to unwind but not take away you’re energy. I was super stressed however had work to complete, this made me relax also be able to carry on working for even longer so it was a win, win. Just as good to take to watch a movie, chill out and not miss the end. Very nice aroma and easy on the palette. Highly recommend this happy helpful Green Vein, I’ll definitely be ordering in the future, one to keep in stock at home.

  10. James Mc (verified owner)

    Hi Guys I found this strain helped me deal with pain and also helped me relax at night before bed but if you take it early in the morning it gives you the uplifting chatty effect it’s strain to always have in your cupboard thanks again THE KOK UK

  11. jmd469 (verified owner)

    This worked quite well for me,

  12. RDD (verified owner)

    Surprising good.
    Top green one, great at opioid redrawel.

    Will buy again.

  13. martinmartian7 (verified owner)

    Fantastic! Awesome quality & Service, here next day! Excellent customer service 5 Stars, the description for this matches the effects perfectly, I will definately be ordering more.

  14. KUKCustomer (verified owner)

    Nice green strain, I would recommend this to anyone and would certianly order again.

  15. Nigel O (verified owner)

    I tried this strain as wanted a bit of energy and pain relief, i take 3g of this and i feel great and focused all day, I take another 3g at night and i sleep really well to, also get a nice level of euphoria with this strain too, my favourite yet!

  16. iangoodey (verified owner)

    I do appreciate that we’re all different and so the effects may differ – but, I found that Cambodian Green made me feel slightly ‘light-headed’ …. not in a bad way though.
    I have two areas of tension: the head and the stomach. I found that Cambodian Green helped ease head tension and then mixing it with Red Indo Maeng Da reduced my stomach tension.
    This combination is definitely worth a try if you suffer from both head & stomach tension!

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