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Sumatra Green Kratom

Sumatra Green Kratom

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Sumatra Green Kratom is another of our excellent Sumatran strains harvested in the lush green jungles in the surrounding area of Banda Ache. If you’re looking for a green vein then we believe this one will be worth your while.

Sumatra is home to many strains of kratom trees and this fine powdered green vein is no exception to what this island has to offer. The properties of this green vein are fine turned by the unique condition of its climate.

Sumatra Green Kratom Benefits

Sumatran green vein offers a balance between the more sedating effects of a red veins, and the stimulating effects of most white veined kratom. The majority find Sumatra green kratom will boost energy levels without being over stimulating or over relaxing. Once this kratom takes effect you’ll find it leaves you well equipped to carry out those important daily duties, feeling alert, focused and ready to take on the day.

This strain has nice balanced effects helping to curb anxiety while still being able to help with pain management although milder than red veins. Try Sumatran green for a nice dose of energy and help to increase motivation and productivity.

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2 reviews for Sumatra Green Kratom

  1. ALEC O

    Thank you kratom UK, I’ve tried many of your products. This kratom is not as stimulating as strains like the Maeng da or Green Malasian, and not as heavy as the Bali, yet still provides a lot of pain relief. For my conditions, a 50/50 mix with the Maeng da white is a good combination.

  2. timwhild (verified owner)

    Along with the Sumatra White, this green has now become one of my favourite daily strains that I rotate on a regular basis. It is very effective as a calming painkiller but also great for the morning kickstart before long runs etc.
    There is also something rather lovely about the gritty texture and you can definitely taste the difference between the Sumatran green and the others. Potent!

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