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Thai Maeng Da Kratom

Thai Maeng Da Kratom


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Thai Maeng Da Kratom – Propriety Kratom Blend

Thai Maeng Da Kratom is a propriety blend of red, white and green horned leaf kratom. Extremely well known for its pain-killing effects, energy and relaxation all rolled into one. This strain is not for the faint-hearted and should be used by the more experienced kratom user wanting a stronger tranquil experience.

Maeng da (horned leaf kratom) originally came from Thailand and is a Thai word. Its meaning ‘Water Beatle’ (Lethocerus Indicus), it is a local delicacy. “Maeng Da” when translated from Thai means “Pimp.” Horned leaf kratom or strong variants are sometimes known as “Pimp Grade”.

Thai Maeng Da Grown Organically on Borneo Indonesia

Upon founding our plantations in 2001. We brought “Pimp Grade” Maeng Da clones from Thailand to our organic plantations in Borneo. While this strain is a genuine Thai Horned Kratom it is now cultivated on Indonesia.

Pimp grade maeng da quickly induces an uplifting sense of well being. With increased energy and motivation. It is often used for pain management during the day, as it does not make you tired.

Each year we venture into the jungles of Borneo where our plantations reside. Always ensuring our maeng da along with other strains are being harvested using our ethical and organic processes.

Why Buy from can be differentiated from other online supplier’s in that we proudly maintain our own farms, employing local villagers and investing into their communities.

Our self-sufficient business means that you can rest assured we have nothing but the freshest organic kratom available and are never short on supply. We have a major hand in securing the highest quality products from harvest, straight to your door.

If you are looking for an ethical, responsible supplier with sustainably sourced pimp grade kratom then look no further than KUK.

Horned Kratom Maeng Da Leaf – Get the horn and see why it’s our #1 Seller

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