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Thai Maeng Da Kratom

Thai Maeng Da Kratom

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Thai Maeng Da Kratom – Propriety Kratom Blend

Thai Maeng Da Kratom is a propriety blend of red, white and green horned leaf kratom. Extremely well known for its pain-killing effects, energy and relaxation all rolled into one. This strain is not for the faint-hearted and should be used by the more experienced kratom user wanting a stronger tranquil experience.

Maeng da (horned leaf kratom) originally came from Thailand and is a Thai word. Its meaning ‘Water Beatle’ (Lethocerus Indicus), it is a local delicacy. “Maeng Da” when translated from Thai means “Pimp.” Horned leaf kratom or strong variants are sometimes known as “Pimp Grade”.

Thai Maeng Da Grown Organically on Borneo Indonesia

Upon founding our plantations in 2001. We brought “Pimp Grade” Maeng Da clones from Thailand to our organic plantations in Borneo. While this strain is a genuine Thai Horned Kratom it is now cultivated on Indonesia.

Pimp grade maeng da quickly induces an uplifting sense of well being. With increased energy and motivation. It is often used for pain management during the day, as it does not make you tired.

Each year we venture into the jungles of Borneo where our plantations reside. Always ensuring our maeng da along with other strains are being harvested using our ethical and organic processes.

Why Buy from can be differentiated from other online supplier’s in that we proudly maintain our own farms, employing local villagers and investing into their communities.

Our self-sufficient business means that you can rest assured we have nothing but the freshest organic kratom available and are never short on supply. We have a major hand in securing the highest quality products from harvest, straight to your door.

If you are looking for an ethical, responsible supplier with sustainably sourced pimp grade kratom then look no further than KUK.

Horned Kratom Maeng Da Leaf – Get the horn and see why it’s our #1 Seller

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18 reviews for Thai Maeng Da Kratom

  1. Mr T (verified owner)

    I quite like this strain (blend), finding it effective for managing chronic pain and fatigue in the 1-2 tsp dose range (2-4 g) usually twice per day. On the odd good day 1 tsp will suffice but for my chronic moderate pain 2 tsp usually hits the mark. I suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and find this strain meets my desired criteria of not being sedating and effective against the full body pain and heaviness that I feel on a daily basis. I have tried other strains and found that this one works well for me. Many of the other strains available work well for me, a couple don’t, but that is the apparent nature of kratom. These days I don’t usually consume kratom past the afternoon and I cannot say anything about the effect that this blend may have on sleep. Historically I have used red leaf (Bali) before bedtime to assist in pain that would continue through the night and make sleep inefficient and ineffective; thankfully this has not been the case for some time. My current use for kratom is during the daytime since that is when I find my symptoms to be the most limiting to conducting my life unimpaired. I would like to express my gratitude for for providing this extremely helpful and nigh essential herb. I have not found an equivalent pharmaceutical alternative that does not also result in side effects and cessation syndrome many times worse than the mild side effects of kratom. I have found kratom superior in this regard and provides effective relief with no notable drawbacks that are associated with pharmaceutical alternatives. I personally find zero recreational value to kratom, and instead feel that it allows me to function as close to normally as I once was before I developed chronic pain.

  2. tom (verified owner)

    This has to be KUKs strongest Kratom. You have to be careful with it as it has a delayed fuse, so go easy on the first dose and wait an hour before topping up.

  3. Kratom Aficionado (verified owner)

    It’s good stuff but it’s a little bit too strong, I have quite a high tolerance and this stuff knocked my feet off, even at lower doses it was a bit too strong for my tastes. Really good for pain relief though – just be very careful

  4. davidgreen810 (verified owner)

    Thai Maeng Da is my absolute favourite. I have Indo Maeng Da for the purpose of a quick pick-me-up and Red Bali for winding down (though perhaps just once a fortnight). I also use Green Maeng Da as a middle ground between the white and green. I rotate strains regularly, so as to not become too accustomed to any one profile of alkaloids.

    I first tried Thai Maeng Da ten months ago and could discern all three main usual effects (alertness of mind, relaxed in body and happy in mood) . Not as quick as white and not as sedating as red, but more uplifting to my mood than green. The blend is perfection and also lasts a lot longer than any one individual strain.

    I bought in bulk this time, as I have only ever had excellent quality Kratom from this company. Though I have some left from my last 1kg bag bought last winter, I opened a freshly delivered bag just in case there were any issues. I can report that this batch of Thai is even better than the previous one and I’m delighted that I chose the 3Kg for 2Kg offer.

    As has always been the case, DPD delivered next day and informed me by text as to which hour time slot they would arrive in.

    Thanks to all for a great product and service.


  5. Tov A (verified owner)

    This is definitely the the most powerful I’ve tried so far. Excellent, but it can burn me out in a few hours with this strain alone. So I’ve used it for startup, and then switched to Cambodian Green for a second and third dose. I’ve suffered a lot from fatigue and winterdepression, but this really helps me out

  6. Debra K (verified owner)

    Hi first off all I would like to highly recommend this outstanding web site!!! I have been a kratom user for a very long time and have over the years tried most different strains, as I suffer from fibromyalgia anxiety and depression my go to strain is Thai MD, I have been shopping with kratom. Co. UK for a very long time as after trying different sites I know this site is the absolute best!!! The quality of there strains are 100% better than other sites I have used! The Thai md for me helps profusely with my above ailments it has dramatically changed my quality of life for me it trumps any prescribed medication of which over the years I have taken majority and nothing comes close to helping me as this Thai MD, I’d also like to mention what a fantastic team this company has any queries at all and the team are there ready to help so a big THANK YOU to you all for making my life a happy one.

  7. thecollectiveconciousness (verified owner)

    The sledgehammer for days when the pain of existence gets too much. Another great strain. This site and its owners are a life save. Reliable, high quality and the powders as so fine they are easy to use. Also why risk importation when it’s all here. Yes it’s not the cheapest but when consuming something regularly it’s worth spending more for quality of life and health. Also the offers are great and at certain times you get nice surprise deals when adding to cart and proceeding to checkout

  8. Nigel L (verified owner)

    New to Kratom.
    I took my last dihydracodiene last night, I have been on these opiates over 20 years for chronic pain and reoccurring shoulder dislocation. I have tried many times in the past to come off the pain killers to no avail. I started kratom today using the Thai MD, I’m absolutely amazed my pain is usually standard at a 4 or 5 out of 10 then gets better or worse depending on the day, I’ve had 2g of kratom in a tea, 25 minutes later my pain had dropped lower than I’ve felt in many years. It has elevated my mood, I feel calm, pain free, and motivated. I have no signs of early stage withdrawal other than the shakes. I’m excited about taking control back of my life. Wow.
    Thankyou so much Kratom.Co.UK

  9. Debra K (verified owner)

    First off all I’d like to say a big thank you to Franz and the team, your all truly appreciated, I suffer with fibromyalgia anxiety depression and OCD for many years i battled on a daily basis to try to get through the day. I would really like to give a shout out to anyone who is thinking about trying kratom, firstly I wouldn’t go anywhere else Ive tried different sites but nothing compares to! Personally my preference is the Thai MD it has changed my life, completely turned it around from where I was in that very dark place trying to cope, it’s my go to strain, it’s all about trying and finding what works for you and your situation, I hope my words get through as they come from the heart,have fun changing your life as kratom truly WILL ♥️

  10. simon h (verified owner)

    Absolutely superb,easily one of the very best I’ve tried. After years and years of codiene abuse and addiction this stuffs been a lifesaver. And this site and company are the best I’ve dealt with. The quality and customer service are second to none. If your wondering which site and product to go for ,anything off these guys is unbeatable.

  11. Nigel L (verified owner)

    I’ve tried several different strains and alter between them, nothing comes close to how the Thai MD makes me feel, as a pain reliever it hits the spot everytime, it gives me focus and the euphoric feeling I’m left with is perfect. I couldn’t recommend this product and the company highly enough. I have already convinced my entire household to use kratom. 10/10

  12. Lucas P (verified owner)

    There is a lot of conflicting information on the internet, and it varies person to person. My Fiancé fell asleep and found no benefit using 3 grams of capsules. Myself, used up to 9g at one point and only felt mild effects. I will persevere and get a range this time, rather than a blend I will get individual strains

  13. James Mc (verified owner)

    Hi. This is the first strain I tried of Kratom and it helped me get of codeine and other painkillers it has a mixture of everything help depression gives you a lift and helps you concentrate better in small doses less is better with this one but deserves the 5 stars thanks again to Franz and team the KINGS OF KRATOM

  14. Mic (verified owner)

    Love reading others reviews! I’ve been using this company for almost 2 years now and am surprised I haven’t written a review for Thai Maeng Da yet as it is one of my favourites for daytime use. I find around 5g in the morning helps me cope with back pain and newly developed arthritis in my fingers and function like I used to at work.
    For me, the key to regular Kratom use, instead of pain killers is to rotate the strains. I tend to use a maeng da in the morning and then a red in the evening. I make them into tea and even strain out the powder and they are still very strong.
    As always the order is delivered quickly and securely – even when the rest of the country is in meltdown!

  15. Gavin S (verified owner)

    This is one of the best there is, having tried most of them.

  16. Joshua Mellor (verified owner)

    Hands down my favourite strain of kratom, helps my back and knee pain, it helps with depression and my sometimes overwhelming anxiety. I’m also an alcoholic in recovery 6 months sober and free from the physical addiction however I’m what they call a dry drunk meaning I’m still suffering from the problems that caused me to drink in the first place leaving obsessive thoughts to drink again which can be stressful at times, this strain above all others completely clears my mind of the obsessive thoughts about alcohol and its making my recovery alot smoother to deal with. Thank you so much for the quick deliveries too, always earlier than expected. Peace ✌️

  17. drnobody1432 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this strain, it’s just perfect, I can’t believe how much my life has improved since finding this product. I have just finished 500g’s of this and have moved on to try the cheaper strain as it’s had some great reviews and I like to switch them up, but this is certainly my favourite and I’ll be revisiting it very soon!

  18. KUKCustomer (verified owner)

    KUK’s Meang Da is always the best quality available in the UK this one is no exception. Really nice Meang Da, Does exactly what you would expect. Any fan of the stronger strains should give this one a go. KUK and their knowledge has made this a go to strain for me now. Thank you.

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